Wednesday, January 1, 2020

It's a fresh New Year in First Grade!

Happy New Year!

We’ve had quite a fun month celebrating the end of 2019 in December!  We learned about
Hanukkah, Kwanzaa and Christmas and took part in many Christmas festivities like creating
Gingerbread houses, taking a “ride” on the Polar Express, and seeing Santa at Fantasy Island!  

This month we will focus upon themes such as Winter, Arctic Animals, Martin Luther King Jr.
and the Future!  On Friday, January 10th we will have SNOWMAN DAY! Please have your
child dress like a Snowman as we will be having a fun-filled day of wintry activities across
all subject areas of the day!  

In Writing Workshop and Reading Workshop, we had a chance to read nonfiction and Science
books and write like scientists by taking scientific notes, drawing informational sketches, and
writing Procedural pieces  after completing a variety of experiments based on Plant and Animal

This month, we’ll be writing in the genre of “Opinion”  Please make sure your child has at least
one Shoe box Collection for the first Friday of school in the new year.  We will be working on
“judging” items to get us ready for the 2nd and 3rd bends of the unit.  In these later units we will
write reviews by working hard to state an opinion and provide reasons to support our opinions.  

Our 3rd Unit in Reading Workshop, “Readers have Big Jobs to do”, will zoom in on fluency,
phonics and comprehension to strengthen our reading muscles.  We are looking forward to
taking responsibility for our own reading!    

In Mathematics, we did a deep dive into Addition and Subtraction Strategies in December. 
We worked hard to decide upon which operation to use to solve and why. We also did TONS
of practice in using fact families and related facts and we are becoming EXPERT
Mathematicians.  This month we’ll focus our learning on Base-ten operations- numbers 0 to 120,
which is the foundation for adding and subtracting larger numbers in 2nd grade.  

In Fundations, we continued to review using digraphs and glued sounds to read and write but
added another component to tapping out words...  baseword and “suffix s”. We understand that
we STILL tap out the baseword just like we’ve been working hard to do, but now if we hear a
“suffix s”, we add that to it (without tapping out the “suffix s”).  Unit 7 will incorporate additional
glued sounds like -ing, -ang, -ung, -ong and -ink, -ank, -unk, -onk to our work with tapping to
read and write words. During the 2nd half of the month, we’ll continue to work on words with
short vowels but introduce consonant blends (ie “st” in “stop”-combining two consonant sounds
together- different from digraphs like “sh” that use two sounds to make a new sound).  

Cheers to a Joyful January in 1st grade at Beach Haven School!

Checkout the fun we had in December!
1st and 2nd Grade visits the Adventure Aquarium in Camden!

Watching a 3D movie about the Animals of the Galapagos Islands.

Brave pictures with a SHARK!

Holiday Shop 2019

Our Reindeer Craft at our Holiday Party

Nate and Melissa Creating their Gingerbread Houses at our Holiday Party

Emma Lee and Sandy think this is a DELICIOUS activity

Having a blast decorating the houses

Taking a ride on the Polar Express with Hot Cocoa and Holiday Cookies

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