Thursday, November 21, 2019

New Concepts in November!

Veterans Day Celebration and Poster Creations!

LBI Garden Club came to visit and we designed our own flower arrangements!
Designing our own haunted houses!

Field Trip to Russo’s Farm!

Scavenger hunt on Halloween! Can your child help unlock the Monsters??

Monsters= Unlocked! Scavenger Hunt was a success.

Sneaker Day! (It was a bit smelly after this photo!)

3rd Grade came to celebrate their hard work in Writing Workshop!

In 1st Grade we’ve been working on addition and subtraction strategies and applying these strategies
to real life. We are becoming strong in solving problems that relate to daily life.  We are also advancing
our mental math facts within 20. The 1st graders have been learning how to become expert readers
of nonfiction books. We are doing this through independent reading, buddy reading and in guided
reading groups, where we work on specific strategies to further our phonics and literacy skills. As the end
of this unit approaches, we will be continuing our studies of non-fiction texts and applying them to science
related topics as well. Exploring plants and animals!!

In Writing Workshop, we’ve been working on writing non-fiction teaching books on a variety of topics.   We
learned how we can write to teach our readers even MORE! The 3rd bend of our unit encouraged us to
write Chapter Books where we had to write longer and stronger!  Our next unit- Science books: Structures
of Plants and Animals will focus heavily on experimenting, making observations, listing materials, drawing
hypotheses, and taking notes... then using this process to write Science Books!  

In Fundations, we have been increasing our repetition of key letter-sound relationships as well as learning
a few new language components- digraphs (ch, wh, sh, th, ck) and glued/welded sounds (-am,-an, -all).
In the next three weeks, we will focus upon baseword and suffix (suffix -s), pluralization, and reading with
accuracy and prosody.  

In Science, we have just completed the unit on light and sound.  Learning about sound waves, the different
types of light and the importance they have in our lives. We are currently transitioning into the fourth unit
where we will be exploring Plant and Animal Structures!  We are preparing for our field trip to the Camden
Aquarium on December 12th with this Unit!