Wednesday, January 1, 2020

It's a fresh New Year in First Grade!

Happy New Year!

We’ve had quite a fun month celebrating the end of 2019 in December!  We learned about
Hanukkah, Kwanzaa and Christmas and took part in many Christmas festivities like creating
Gingerbread houses, taking a “ride” on the Polar Express, and seeing Santa at Fantasy Island!  

This month we will focus upon themes such as Winter, Arctic Animals, Martin Luther King Jr.
and the Future!  On Friday, January 10th we will have SNOWMAN DAY! Please have your
child dress like a Snowman as we will be having a fun-filled day of wintry activities across
all subject areas of the day!  

In Writing Workshop and Reading Workshop, we had a chance to read nonfiction and Science
books and write like scientists by taking scientific notes, drawing informational sketches, and
writing Procedural pieces  after completing a variety of experiments based on Plant and Animal

This month, we’ll be writing in the genre of “Opinion”  Please make sure your child has at least
one Shoe box Collection for the first Friday of school in the new year.  We will be working on
“judging” items to get us ready for the 2nd and 3rd bends of the unit.  In these later units we will
write reviews by working hard to state an opinion and provide reasons to support our opinions.  

Our 3rd Unit in Reading Workshop, “Readers have Big Jobs to do”, will zoom in on fluency,
phonics and comprehension to strengthen our reading muscles.  We are looking forward to
taking responsibility for our own reading!    

In Mathematics, we did a deep dive into Addition and Subtraction Strategies in December. 
We worked hard to decide upon which operation to use to solve and why. We also did TONS
of practice in using fact families and related facts and we are becoming EXPERT
Mathematicians.  This month we’ll focus our learning on Base-ten operations- numbers 0 to 120,
which is the foundation for adding and subtracting larger numbers in 2nd grade.  

In Fundations, we continued to review using digraphs and glued sounds to read and write but
added another component to tapping out words...  baseword and “suffix s”. We understand that
we STILL tap out the baseword just like we’ve been working hard to do, but now if we hear a
“suffix s”, we add that to it (without tapping out the “suffix s”).  Unit 7 will incorporate additional
glued sounds like -ing, -ang, -ung, -ong and -ink, -ank, -unk, -onk to our work with tapping to
read and write words. During the 2nd half of the month, we’ll continue to work on words with
short vowels but introduce consonant blends (ie “st” in “stop”-combining two consonant sounds
together- different from digraphs like “sh” that use two sounds to make a new sound).  

Cheers to a Joyful January in 1st grade at Beach Haven School!

Checkout the fun we had in December!
1st and 2nd Grade visits the Adventure Aquarium in Camden!

Watching a 3D movie about the Animals of the Galapagos Islands.

Brave pictures with a SHARK!

Holiday Shop 2019

Our Reindeer Craft at our Holiday Party

Nate and Melissa Creating their Gingerbread Houses at our Holiday Party

Emma Lee and Sandy think this is a DELICIOUS activity

Having a blast decorating the houses

Taking a ride on the Polar Express with Hot Cocoa and Holiday Cookies

Thursday, November 21, 2019

New Concepts in November!

Veterans Day Celebration and Poster Creations!

LBI Garden Club came to visit and we designed our own flower arrangements!
Designing our own haunted houses!

Field Trip to Russo’s Farm!

Scavenger hunt on Halloween! Can your child help unlock the Monsters??

Monsters= Unlocked! Scavenger Hunt was a success.

Sneaker Day! (It was a bit smelly after this photo!)

3rd Grade came to celebrate their hard work in Writing Workshop!

In 1st Grade we’ve been working on addition and subtraction strategies and applying these strategies
to real life. We are becoming strong in solving problems that relate to daily life.  We are also advancing
our mental math facts within 20. The 1st graders have been learning how to become expert readers
of nonfiction books. We are doing this through independent reading, buddy reading and in guided
reading groups, where we work on specific strategies to further our phonics and literacy skills. As the end
of this unit approaches, we will be continuing our studies of non-fiction texts and applying them to science
related topics as well. Exploring plants and animals!!

In Writing Workshop, we’ve been working on writing non-fiction teaching books on a variety of topics.   We
learned how we can write to teach our readers even MORE! The 3rd bend of our unit encouraged us to
write Chapter Books where we had to write longer and stronger!  Our next unit- Science books: Structures
of Plants and Animals will focus heavily on experimenting, making observations, listing materials, drawing
hypotheses, and taking notes... then using this process to write Science Books!  

In Fundations, we have been increasing our repetition of key letter-sound relationships as well as learning
a few new language components- digraphs (ch, wh, sh, th, ck) and glued/welded sounds (-am,-an, -all).
In the next three weeks, we will focus upon baseword and suffix (suffix -s), pluralization, and reading with
accuracy and prosody.  

In Science, we have just completed the unit on light and sound.  Learning about sound waves, the different
types of light and the importance they have in our lives. We are currently transitioning into the fourth unit
where we will be exploring Plant and Animal Structures!  We are preparing for our field trip to the Camden
Aquarium on December 12th with this Unit!

Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Sailing into September... and October!

The first grade class at our September 11th memorial.

Welcome to 1st Grade!  We are so excited to learn and grow this year with you!  Stay up-to-date by following our blog monthly so that you know what is going on in 1st Grade! 

Mrs. Konsig & Ms. Booth

Last month...

In math we learned addition concepts. We learned how we can combine two groups to find the sum. We learned how we can use different kinds of models to solve addition problems such as base ten blocks, circle counters, and drawing a picture as a strategy.

In writing workshop we learned how to bring our stories to life by writing small moments.(Personal narratives/true stories about ourselves). We found out how we can find seed stories within watermelon topics, and we also explored how writers use mentor texts to ask "What is this special technique this writer used that I can try?"

In reading workshop we built good reading habits such as checking the picture, taking a sneak peek, scooping up all the words in the sentence, and ways we can help our partners do those habits and more. Help your child continue using those habits when you read at home!

In Fundations we reviewed our letters and sounds from kindergarten and reminded ourselves about how we can form letters on our writing grid using proper writing position.

In science we learned how we can use the design process to find solutions to problems. The first graders became engineers before our very eyes.

In social studies we learned about school rules and focused upon themes across the month such as school, colors, and a few of the holidays that are in the month of September.

This month...
We will focus on apples, fire safety, bats and spiders, "Halloweenie" things, and pumpkins.

In math we will focus on subtraction concepts and revisit addition with a focus on strategies to help improve our understanding of the way numbers work.

In reading workshop we will become "Supersmart about non-fiction topics" and learn how we can "close read" in order to learn more as we read. We will tie in this learning to writing workshop where we will write non-fiction chapter books as we hone in on our study of non-fiction.

In Fundations we are learning how we can use the knowledge of our sounds to tap out and blend them to write and read words. We are also learning about the components of a sentence, unit 2's trick words are: The, A, And Is, His, Of. We will also launch unit 3 where we will focus upon digraphs that "stick together" to form one sound (Wh, Ch, Sh, Th, Ck). 

In science we are learning about sound, the different types of sound(High pitch, low pitch, volume), and how use sound to communicate.

In social studies we will continue to learn about rules and laws with a focus upon leaders leading, respect, and working together.

**Don't forget about the Halloween parade on October 31st, followed by a class party.**

First Grade color week...YELLOW Day!!

A special treat for all of our hard work-a bubble wrap dance party!